Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Local Land Charges Register?

It is a statutory register which must be kept and maintained by all Local Authorities for their area under the Local Land Charges Act 1975.

What Types of Charges Are on the Local Land Charges Register?

The types of charges are wide ranging and depend on the area in which the property is situated and include the following – 

  • Planning history 
  • Building Regulations 
  • Conservation areas 
  • Listed building status 
  • Tree preservation orders 
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Highways information – please note this link is for Leicestershire County Council enquiries only. For properties within the city of Leicester, highways information will be provided by Leicester City Council Local Land Charges team.

Why Do I Need to Be Aware of Local Land Charges?

Land Charges are binding on successive owners regardless of whether a new owner was aware of the charge when they became the owner of the property. 

A charge may affect the use or enjoyment of the land or restrict its development and it is wise that any prospective purchaser is aware of any charges before they purchase the land.  

For instance if a tree on your property is subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) you would need written permission to remove it or have tree surgery carried out on it. If you remove trees or do work to them without permission you could be prosecuted. Enforcement action may in some cases lead to fines or court action. 

Do You Require a Plan of the Property to Conduct a Search?

Yes, one copy of the plan is usually required to enable us to verify the property being searched is the same as on our records. 

What forms of payment does the LeicesterShire Land & Property Searches Partnership accept?

Once you have successfully submitted your search through our online service you will be taken to the online payment screen for the relevant local authority.

I Don’t Want to Submit a Search and Pay Online, What Are the Alternative Methods?

Each authority has different methods of receipt and processing of searches, please follow the link to your relevant local authority for more information

Do You Answer Enquiry 22 of the Con29o (Common Land and Village Greens) Question?

For this information please contact Leicestershire County Council direct. For properties within the city of Leicester only, please contact Leicester City Council Local Land Charges team.

Can You Tell Me Who Owns Land?

There may be some land and property that is not registered, please contact the Leicestershire Land Registry for more information. 

Do You Answer Drainage Questions?

This information is provided by your local water authority:

Where Can I Find a Copy of Your Fees?

The information for each local authority can be obtained here:

What Is an Additional Parcel?

A separate search request should be submitted in respect of each parcel of land in respect of which a search is required except where, for the purposes of a single transaction, a certificate is required in respect of two or more parcels of land which have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal. In these instances it is possible to request that the additional parcels are included in the search request on payment of the relevant fee.